Salsa dance classes in Malaga, now

Salsa lessons in Malaga
When and where are salsa lessons in Malaga near me.

If you are in Málaga or Costa del Sol learning spanish, a funny thing you can do is learn salsa in spanish too. Learning salsa you are going to meet a lot of persons about your age, and as classes are only in spanish, sure you will learn faster than in other activities. Of course I can translate for you some words or even expressions, but it’s funniest you learn it for yourself.

We dance once in a week two consecutive hours, always in the night.

You don’t have to come with a partner. In our classes usually are same number men/women. Aproximately.

Price is not a problem. 10 euros is the best price you can find.

Easy parking. If you come soon even you can park in the same door.

New groups for elementary levels. Each month we start at least one new group, so you can come practically whe you want.

Shall we dance, now?